About Our Church

Zion Hill Church History

The Church's Deed was made on September 26, 1885, by J.P Roger and his wife Charlie Roger of Guilford County, State of NC to G.W. Taylor, Alex Steward and Samuel Wheeler . Trustees of Methodist Episcopal Church of Guilford County in consideration of twenty dollars paid to them by the trustees for two acres, more or less of land. The Church was built by Lucy Ann Clark, her children, and grandchildren. Her great, great grandchildren are still here at the Church day. The Church was built in 1885 and Lucy died in 1886.

The first Church was made of logs, the second church was built of planks and our final church was built of cinder through a period of pledges, rallies and fundraising money. Over the years we have had truly devoted  members who have worked faithfully. In 1975, our present church was bricked. In 1976, a porch was added on the front. In 2001, stain class was installed. The chairman of the trustee board was Thomas Metz, Lay Leader was Mozelle Boyd, and Church Secretary and Historian was Elsie Boyd. All are now present with the Lord.

The first anniversary was celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September in 1944, started by our first members Lydia Lindsay, Stella Peak, Emma Fuller, Maggie Mitchell, and  Lena Tyner.

Zion Hill United Methodist church has a rich history in the Sandy Ridge community.

The History is in memory of Miss Elsie Boyd, Church Historian.